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It's slowly working

I have used 1 bottle but have seen only minor change. Anyway I just ordered one more


Just in a couple of weeks using it... I noticed the results

Not a terrible product

I really wanted to write a review in the first week. I was pretty blown away by the difference in the color of my skin within the first week of using the underarm cream. BUT... After using the underarm cream for a couple of weeks, I went away for the weekend and forgot to pack it! Well, the darkening in my underarms came rushing back. As soon as I got home, I started using the cream again, and I started seeing my underarms lighten some again, but then it just stopped. Understandable, it's not a miracle cream. A couple of weeks later, I missed a day of using it (got busy and forgot) and my skin became instantly dark, as it was before I started using it.
I like the cream. I was happy while using it, but I'm looking for something that will help me achieve more permanent results. I used the the cream for a total of 8 weeks and once I stopped, my skin went back to dark. I'm not disappointed, this product is much better than any anything I've used before. But it cut be better.
Also, the deodorizing is non-existent.

The down there serum did nothing for me.


I really like the “down there” serum. It helps with my hyperpigmentation from shaving.

Works wonderfully!

I was young and now I am old :), the area between my thighs has always been a source of embarrassment and the reason I never wear a bathing suit or if I have to be forced, I would wear something that would cover half of my thigh. Thank God for the internet, that while I was reading an article, I came across Forgotten Skin. I gave it a try; enticed due to a lot of positive reviews. This is my very first time writing a review because I would like the world to know the quality of your product. The Serum works! My inner thigh is not as dark as it was before! It is getting lighter! I never thought that I could find something like this! I tried alum rock for its brightening component and cheap but it did not work and it bruised my skin. Since my inner thigh is hidden anyways I did not bother to take care of it. Forgotten skin? Yes, it was forgotten! But it is not anymore! Despite years of abandonment, the Serum was able to do wonders on my dark skin! I may not be where I desire but I am not where I used to be! Very satisfied that's why I got another bottle.

Body Scrub

I love this scrub, it smells amazing and also doesn’t tear at the skin which is very important to me. Also bonus points for cute packaging.

Great product for sensitive skin

Wonderful product for those who have very sensitive underarm skin.

It works!

Works really well. I have been using it for about a month and there is a significant difference.

Great for sensitive skin

I have been going through every option available in the market for a deodorant that did not irritate my skin and cause inflammation, which lead to thickening and darkening over time.

This deodorant worked really well for irritation, however it does not work well for me as far as body odor is considered.

Great for irritation

I have been going through every option available in the market for a deodorant that did not irritate my skin and cause inflammation, which lead to thickening and darkening over time.

This deodorant worked really well for irritation, however it does not work well for me as far as body odor is considered.

Effective, worth the try

Was pessimistic about these kind of products since I’ve tried other brand that didn’t deliver what it was supposed to despite consistent and continuous use. But this is the real deal, I’ve seen improvement in my skin texture, and it became much lighter. Its almost 4 months now and am just seeing great results. It is worth the try.

Not too much difference

I have been using the Serum from 2 months but havent see much changes in the skin tone which I had read in the other reviews and got tempted to buy. Will continue using it for a few more days to check if I am able to see any more changes

Great deodorant cream!

My underarms are sensitive and I tried a bunch of of natural deodorants, but after a while I noticed my underarms were darkening. Saw an ad for Forgotten Skincare and decided to try it. After a couple of weeks I noticed how much brighter my underarms were! The deodorant smells nice and light and works really well! It’s the only one I use now!

This Scrub Works!

I had some discoloration on my inner thigh that made me pretty insecure when it came to wearing shorts. This cleared help fade my inner thigh darkness as well as the dark spots I had on my bikini line!


It has been the best thing ever

Classy and useful

The original under arm brightening cream keeps my underarms dry and has lightened the underarm. It is truly a great product.

The Down Low Inner Thigh Serum

Thumbs Up!

I have been using this for almost 8 months now and I can see visible changes to my armpits. I have had dark armpits for a long time and have tried a lot of things but this has been the best by far. You wont see changes in a week but you need to trust the process. All skin related problems take time to heal so trust the process and apply it regularly and you will get the results.

Under arm

I have been using this underarm brightening deodorant for more then 60 days twice a day but I haven’t noticed any difference, it is still same as I start.. disappointing.

It Works!

I love this stuff!
I am currently almost done with my second bottle and noticing a major difference. I also use scrubs in conjunction with this [including the FS get it bright]; and my pit is lightening. (I say 'pit' because I had an issue with it becoming quite darker after a not-so-great waxing encounter). It isn't irritating, has a light, pleasant scent. I will be trying out the other products as well! I am a believer!

After using this scrub just once I already noticed a difference

It is gentle enough to use on a daily basis and never leaves my skin feeling dry or irritated, good scrub

I use it in combo with the TDL and it workss!!

I recently started using the ForgottenSkincare line, and im really impressed. The products are easy to use and make my skin feel great afterwards. My skin is sooo soft and smooth after using this scrub! Thanks!


I have used ur bundle I feel the down low is half filled it’s a slow but I feel some change in the skin around but not too much

Love it!

This actually works!! I am blown away at how great these products are:) I won’t feel embarrassed wearing a tank top!

Love Love Love the product ! It really brightens your dark