A problem with lemon for underarm lightening

A problem with lemon for underarm lightening

Lemon for your underarms

If you experience hyperpigmentation, especially in the armpits, you’ve most likely spent some time searching the internet for solutions. And if you’ve tried a lemon underarm DIY for lightening armpits, you’re not alone. Lemon is often presented as a natural remedy. We want you to know that using lemon juice to lighten armpits is a myth. It has never been proven to work, and it can actually be a dangerous practice! Lemon has been shown to lead to the exact issue you are trying to avoid – more hyperpigmentation. But what causes hyperpigmentation?

Why are my underarms dark?

Experiencing hyperpigmentation, or skin discoloration, under the arms is common and can be attributed to a few factors. Genetics, hormones, age, and sun exposure all play a role in armpit discoloration. Dark underarms can also be caused by an allergic reaction to deodorants. If that’s the case, look for a natural deodorant that is free from harmful chemicals and fragrances. Learn more about hyperpigmentation.

Is lemon good for armpits?

In short answer, no – lemon is not good for underarm discoloration. While many websites claim that lemon for armpits is good, the truth is that lemon can actually be bad for the skin. Lemons, and some other citrus fruits, contain chemicals that have been known to cause skin hypersensitivity, especially when combined with sun exposure. When ultra-violet light and the chemicals in a lemon interact, a chemical reaction occurs. The result is colored patches on the skin where the lemon juice came into contact. It’s similar to a chemical burn! The dark splotches aren’t immediately visible; they typically begin to show within two to three days of initial exposure. 

Even worse is that within about a week, hyperpigmentation may occur – the very thing that you are trying to avoid in the first place! If you do use lemon to lighten armpits and you end up with hyperpigmentation as a result, the best remedy to keep the area lubricated.

Alternatives to using lemon to lighten underarms

There are several other safer methods for skin lightening. Uva Ursi, also known as bearberry, contains antioxidants and is a natural astringent. It’s also a natural hydroquinone, a compound shown to brighten up dark spots on the skin.

Vitamin C is a naturally occurring antioxidant and has been shown to have positive effects on the prevention of hyperpigmentation. When combined with Uva Ursi, they create a powerful agent that evens out and brightens skin tone.

Our 2-in-1 dark underarm lightening & deodorant cream targets all your pit problems at once. Created with sensitive underarms in mind, The Original is the perfect solution for dark uneven skin tone, razor burn irritation, ingrown hairs, and embarrassing odor.

Swap out your boring deodorant for this natural wonder cream and get ready to feel bright, fresh, and smooth. Uva ursi extract and vitamin C work together to brighten dark & uneven underarm skin, while jojoba oil turns up the moisture and pink grapefruit keeps your armpits smelling fresh.

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