How to get rid of underarm odor permanently?

How to get rid of underarm odor permanently?

Is it possible to remove body odor permanently?

Everybody sweats. It’s a healthy bodily function, but sometimes the result is a bit stinky. Body odor can be quite embarrassing but it is very normal. Some individuals may be more pungent than others due to various lifestyle factors like diet and exercise, as well as factors beyond our control, like genetics and medical conditions. 

So, is it possible to remove body odor permanently? The short answer is no. I’m guessing that’s probably not what you wanted to hear. The good news is there are ways to combat unwelcome odor. But first, let’s dive into the function of perspiration and the science behind body odor.

Why do we sweat?

Our body has over 4 million sweat glands and perspiring is a necessary bodily function. Sweating allows the body to thermoregulate and release toxins. Without sweat, we would overheat and the consequences could be serious. There are a few things that cause us to sweat in different areas of the body. 

Exercise can trigger the apocrine glands, located in the armpits and groin. This type of sweat secretes protein and carbohydrates and is produced by adrenaline. Apocrine glands can also be triggered by stress, hormones, and spicy foods. When the sweat evaporates on your body it helps regulate your body’s temperature, keeping it at its normal 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Your eccrine glands, located on the hands, feet, and forehead secret odorless sweat that is clear and most commonly activated through anxiety, stress, and emotional stimuli. Through evaporation, the sweat provides the body with heat loss, regulating the body’s temperature. 

Your scalp and face perspire through the sebaceous glands, and this type of sweat acts as a lubricant. Sweat produced in your face and scalp is more oily than the sweat from your armpits and forehead and also acts to waterproof your skin.

So what causes body odor?

In a nutshell, body odor is the result of bacteria breaking down sweat. Most individuals experience the majority of body odor in their armpits. The apocrine sweat glands, located in your pits, produce a high amount of protein, which is easy for bacteria to break down. When the microflora (a fancy word for bacteria) begins breaking down, or eating, this protein, the result is that tell-tale smell that we’re always working to cover up.

So, the real culprit behind body odor is the microflora that lives on your body; not the sweat itself. To combat body odor, it’s important to create a climate where bacteria are not able to thrive.  

How can I reduce body odor?

There are a few ways to combat body odor and help manage the microflora in your armpits, groin, and other areas.

Wash daily with a mild soap

Using warm water and anti-bacterial soap will help kill off bacteria that lives off your sweat. It may mean taking more than one shower a day, or just a quick clean at the sink with soap, a wash cloth, and warm water.

Shave or wax your underarms

Hair can slow the evaporation of sweat, giving bacteria a ton of food and time to feed and create an unfortunate odor. Removing hair has been shown to help prevent some body odor.


Antiperspirants obstruct the body’s natural sweat factory, creating an environment where bacteria cannot thrive. When using an antiperspirant, toxic ingredients (aluminum-based) are used to physically clog your glands to reduce or stop sweat from being released.

The problem with these aluminum-based ingredients is that long-term usage in antiperspirants have been linked to a myriad of health issues.


Unlike antiperspirants, deodorants allow your body to produce sweat, but work to cover up the smell with more pleasing scents. They also make the skin more acidic, which makes it more difficult for bacteria to thrive.

Clothing fabric

Some fabrics help mask body odor, while some exacerbate it. Natural fibers that allow your skin to breath assist in the evaporation of sweat. Wool and silk are good examples. Bacteria grows really well on polyester, which is why you might notice a stronger odor when wearing polyester clothing.


Spicy foods, and according to some researchers red meat, may make sweat more pungent. Curry, garlic, and onion are some examples.

By staying hydrated and doing exercise, in a week’s time, you will notice your sweat change. In the beginning, sweat can be salty and oily. As you sweat more, it gradually changes to a watery, clean, and fresh sweat.

The Original underarm brightening cream

Our underarm brightening cream works to help eliminate odor and reduce hyperpigmentation. Skin has a pH balance of approximately 5.5, so depending on which products you’re trying out, you may be disrupting your pH balance and letting other bacteria thrive.

The good news is that using The Original daily can help stabilize your armpit pH and rebalance microflora. Not only will you notice your body odor begins to fade away completely, you’ll also start to have smoother and brighter underarms.

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