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Not Even Using Daily and It Is Still Working!

I’m surprised. Pleasantly surprised. It seems so many products so often catered towards women are - I won’t say a full-on sham, but I will say are - excessively hyped up. They kinda maybe sorta work, or is it just your imagination.? Well, this serum does not fit in that stereotype. At all. It is legitimately lightening and, I’d argue, “healing” the two patches of hyperpigmentation “down there” I have along my bikini line, and I am so impressed. And this serum isn’t filled with garbage! No harmful and ambiguous “fragrances” or fillers - nada. If I were wearing a hat, I’d tip it off to you, Forgotten Skincare. Make more products! I would love to be back for more!

Love it!!

I've been using this product for 7 months now. My underarms are lighter than it has ever been before lol and not to mention it does reduce the body odor when you sweat. I'm happy I decided to give FS a try and now I'm never looking back ❤️


Excellent product

Working great

It’s been 4-5 weeks since I’m using it but it’s amazing results. My underarms are much lighter then before in few weeks.

The Original Underarm Brightening Deodorant Cream

I have had dark underarms for as long as I can remember and it got worst after I had kids. I hated wearing tank tops because I was so embarrassed of how dark they were. I have tried different methods but they never seemed to work but this cream is a miracle and I am so happy with my results. The directions says to use twice a day but I only use it once after I shower and my underarms appear lighter each time. Definitely buying again!

Good quality products

Bought like about two months ago and started using them right away. I’ve seen a difference in my underarm skin tone and inner thighs and bikini area. Overall, good products. Consistency is key!


This is the only skin lightening product that has ever worked for me.
I’ve been struggling with having super dark inner thighs. I honestly thought if I lost weight it would get better. but I lost 100 pounds and my thighs were still dark.
I’ve been using this product for like 2 weeks, and I haven’t been using it everyday like I’m supposed to.
I have never been happier.
I’ve never seen my thighs look this bright before.
If u need fast and genuine results buy this.
I mean it.
I would post a picture but I don’t wanna flash everyone my goods
But omg. It’s like night and day.
I wish I was getting paid to write this but sadly not.
Why aren’t u checking out right now.
Stop reading this
Go buy ur miracle liquid.

It works!!!

I’ve been using this product for over 2 years and it has continuously works for me keeps my underarms dry and I love that it works with the darkness and my sensitive skin. Can’t wait to try the other products

Not working

Haven’t seen any changes

Love it

The product definitely works

Good stuff

Works wonders! Great products. Bought the Strip Down Raise Up Bundle and I LOVED IT!


This is the only hyperpigmentation product I’ve tried that actually works for me. Significantly helps with razor burn and has faded dark spots in my inner thigh area. Makes my skin feel great and smooth!

Great product

I can get really bad razor burn and ingrown hairs on my bikini line. This product helps deter that so much. It also helps any darks spots fade. I will continue to use this!


Goodbye dark skin

I have been to many dermatologists and skin experts about my dark skin. No one seems to know what was causing it and how to help it. For years I tried different creams that were recommended to me that didn’t work or irritated my skin more. I found forgotten skin and decided to try it. These products helped my skin soooo much! I am no longer embarrassed to wear tank tops and shorts during the summer. I would highly recommend these products.

So far so good!

I don’t think I’ve used it long enough to notice a big change but I do love the smell of it!! And for that reason alone I will definitely keep using it!

I’m impressed

I’ve used this cream on & off for a few months. The undeararm cream works well for brightening I’ve noticed great improvement in my discoloration, however, doesn’t work well as a deodorant. I’ve tried to layer it with my aHA deodorant and it made the smell worse. I would recommend this but maybe for night use and use a different natural deodorant in the morning.

I like it

Awesome 👏

The Original Underarm Brightening Deodorant Cream

Effective & longlasting!

I bought my first bottle back in June 2021, and I'm now buying my second one. It lasted 8 months! But most importantly, this has done wonders lightening my underarms. I used to remove the hair there with Veet cream, and one day it actually burned me. I already had dark pits so after that burn it was bad. This product has been the truth lightening my pits. You just have to be consistent. I can't remember exactly when, but I think I started noticing improvements around 1.5 months. Now I'm very comfortable with my underarms.

Holy grail of deodorants

I have been using the original underarm brightening cream for almost a year now. A pea size per underarm goes a long way! I like that it’s not like any other deodorants out there. Because the cream can easily be removed gently using a towelette, I no longer need to rub too much. And as we know, too much rubbing causes darkened skin. I love, love, Forgotten Skincare!

For years I've been trying a lot of whitening deodorants or creams and it always make my underarms irritated thus making it darker. I'm so happy with Forgotten Skincare cream, I did not experience any irritation at all and it slowly lightened my underarms. No bad odor too!! I've been using it for 6 weeks now 2x a day. Works wonders!! Love it!!

Skincare that Actually works

I never really explored skincare beyond the creams and potions I would use on my face. As I got older I started realizing that my skin elsewhere was not getting the same attention as my face. I started noticing dark spots, bumps and uneven/ rough skin tones. As a woman of color, I naturally get a lot of razor bumps and dark pigmentation. After trying multiple products to lighten the dark spots in my intimate areas and underarms, I started losing hope. I decided to give forgotten skincare a try and I will say that I am quite impressed. After one week of the recommended use, I saw improvement in my underarms. My goal is to try this for two months and see how much improvement comes about with consistency. I would highly recommend to those with sensitive skin. Forgotten skincare will be part of my regular routine, and it should be a part of yours as well!

Using as deodorant

I don’t have much discoloration under my armpits, but I wanted a deodorant cream so I decided to try this out. The texture is great and I love all the plants used in the formula. Works pretty well to keep the stink away.

It works!

A notable difference in 2 months time observed. Highly recommend this product!

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