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Actually works!

I love this product! It lightened my armpits just after a couple of weeks, it definitely worked for me !


I am still using and noticed change day by day

i love this product

i dont usually write reviews but i must say this product works like magic. it took me 3 weeks of everyday use to see results. gotta love it

Still very hopeful…

I have used it for awhile now ( 4-5bottles in)
I love how it works as a deo but as far as lightening the darkspots, still have not seen much improvement on it…will still continue to use it and hoping to see improvements on the dark spots.


I love “the down low” serum! My skin has never looked butter. I feel so confident in my bikini and during intimate moments. 😍
Forgotten Skincare I can’t thank your team enough!

Game Changer!!!

Any brown-skinned girl would know what it is to live with dark underarms all your life, life is indeed unfair to us when it comes to matters like this. So I've been living with slightly darker underarms my entire adult life. I tried everything under the sun to lighten my underarms but none worked, I mean I tried activated charcoal with honey, lemon, baking soda, etc, literally anything under the sun. So when I stumbled upon this god-sent product on IG I thought to myself, that's way too easy and too good to be true. I researched a lot bout FS and decided to give it a try. I must honestly say it's a game changer, my underarms are way lighter than before. You can see the before and after pics. Yes! it will take time for my underarms to become one with my natural skin tone but I'm hoping I will get there. How I wish I knew about FS sooner. Nevertheless, I am super happy with FS and the results it delivered. I am satisfied with FS and will continue to use the underarm cream in the future. Thanks! FS for creating this life-changing product for me and for millions of women like me. :)

Original underarm brightening deodorants crea.

Love the deodorant, works really good ,my underarms looks so much better now.

Quick Results

This serum has worked great! One leg required more attention than the other but both have shown marked improvement. (Forgot to take pics) will buy another bottle and I will try the underarm serum next!

The Original Underarm Brightening Deodorant Cream

The cream is thick and creamy but absorbs quickly. It feels smooth like lotion and it doesn’t stink. I’ve seen improvements though I only use this right after shower before bed. Lightened my skin without irritation.


I loved this product so much! It’s really helped with brightening my inner thighs. 10/10 would highly recommend.

I haven't seen a change in my skin

Didn't really help lighten my skin but it did help in odor control especially when I get really sweaty.

Love it!!!

Me and my daughter love this deodorant. We apply it and it takes like 3 days noticing it does not smell bad so we decided not using another deodorant. Armpit kinda still working on process to see the beat result bit we notice it that it works good.

The Down Low is a big YES from me!

Gentle and effective. I'm loving my results so far.

No changes

I had high hopes for this, given the reviews and high price. Ive been using it religiously for 63 days and see no change. I bought 2 so i will be finishing them because, well i bought it. As far as deodorant, its not bad but you do need to reapply. It is not an antiperspirant so I wouldn’t recommend using it with a tank top as youll be sweaty and it is uncomfortable to walk around with sweaty underarms and the sweat also makes the product creamy consistency again so its not fun.

PROS: It did not irritate my skin and the fragrance is pleasant. I also dont shave as i have previously lasered so my skin is never traumatized with a razon. A little pea size amount is all you need. Out of the 2 bottles i have still to go through even one of them.

Pic where you can see the beige top is the before. No change imo. You judge for yourself


Literally got rid of the bumps behind my legs. So freaking amazing. I love it!

It did the job

I have seen a big difference in my inner thigh after using this product the only thing I hate is that I've ran out and buying another small bottle for 28$ is a big deal to me at this time. But I say it was well worth the money! When I get some money😆 I'll buy some

It works!

This product is highly recommended for dark underarms. I wasn’t sure before that it will work but after using for around a month you will see the result.

Great deodorant

I’ve not seen any lightning to my underarms but the deodorant is the best; I have bad reactions to so many deodorants but this one works!!!!! I’ll keep using to see results.

Definitely recommend saw a difference within a week!

Love this

It’s effective, highly recommended

Love it !

I was skeptical at first after trying so many products already, but I’m pleasantly surprised by the results. It does take a bit to dry but that’s not a big issue at all. I highly recommend it.

The Strip Down & Raise Up Bundle

Believe Me, Try It!

This is one of those products that you just have to trust me on! This inner thigh serum made a difference, it’s not magic so it does take time but it’s worth it. Stay consistent and you’ll see the results!